Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bridging the Client Gap with an Auto Responder

Have you ever heard of a generation gap? This is where two individuals that are separated by a number of years have a difficult time communicating because their generations have different ideals. This is usually because of the span of time that is involved. There is also something that is known as the client gap. This is where a client will be apprehensive about getting to know you as an individual out of the fear that you may actually try to sell them something. Even though that is exactly what you are trying to do, you need to bridge that gap before you do so. Failure to bridge the gap in advance will create less than ideal results from your marketing efforts.

The single best way for you to bridge this client gap is through regular contact in which you will introduce yourself to the client and give them good information on a regular basis. This will make them comfortable with what you have to say and more likely to purchase from you whenever you actually do try to sell them something. This used to be a very difficult task and took quite a bit of time and money to do so whenever it was done in the off-line world. The Internet, however, has made this entire process very easy through the use of an autoresponder series.

An autoresponder is basically just a way of automatically contacting an individual after they sign up for information on your website. Typically, the first message will land in their inbox moments after they fill out the information and click the submit button. From this very first contact, you should begin bridging the gap between you and the client by introducing yourself and giving them some very solid information that is related to your particular niche.

Each subsequent message in the autoresponder series should build on the previous message. Continue to give them good information because this is what will build the trust in you that is necessary to actually make the sale. If you don't try to sell too early in the game, you would be surprised at the number of people that will actually purchase by the third or fourth message. Continue to contact them with good information and to weave in your sales material and you will see your bottom line soar as a result.

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